Claudine Phillips

Welcome to the Claudine Phillips Show!! Oh My gosh, guys! I have been dreaming of this day and it is finally here! And you are here too!  I’m the voice and the human behind this show and thank you for joining our very first one! We are all about the why I am starting this podcast and how you are going to benefit from it.

What you will learn this week:

Who is Claudine Phillips?

Claudine Phillips is a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist who believes everyone can achieve Wholistic Greatness if they focus on three foundational concepts. Physical health, mental health, and emotional health are the three roots to Wholistic Greatness. Focusing on these key concepts will build you the strongest and healthiest life.

What is Wholistic Greatness?

As I mentioned before, this podcast is based on wholistic greatness. It’s basically a term I came up with that is rooted in three foundations of health.

The first one being physical health.  Physical health that encompasses our physical body. How we move it. How we take care of it. Our nutritional health falls under the physical health as well.  How we feed it how we support it.

The second root is emotional health. This falls under the psychology of how we take care of ourselves. How are we working through certain issues, maybe circumstances, that we are in, maybe we are processing trauma that we’ve had or maybe we are stuck in and we need to work with someone to get through.

Spiritual health is the third root in wholisitc health. It is based on the foundation of our spirituality. What do we believe?  We all must believe in something bigger than ourselves or else we would be considered God. We must understand what it means to have spiritual health where we draw our strength and our wisdom from.

Wholistic greatness is physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health. I go into much more detail in the podcast so make sure you tune it and get the deets!

WHY The Claudine Phillips Show?

If you know a little bit about me and what I write about when I talk about this podcast is based on the term wholistic greatness.  Wholistic greatness is rooted in the three foundations of health. Spiritual health, physical health, and emotional health. I plan to address all three. I want to bring you information that will help you be a better you. And, guys, I want to be honest with you, this podcast is not only for you but it’s for me, too. All the information that I have learned along the way and plan to learn in my future will be shared here.  I get to invite guests here to the podcast and learn from their wisdom! What a great opportunity and a great treat for both of us!

There’s a saying out there that states a rising tide lifts all the boats in the harbor.  Ladies and gentlemen, I want to be a part of that tide I want to be able to lift those around me so that we can all rise together. I believe in abundance and not scarcity. I believe in sharing just about anything I learn!  Once I was listening to speaker and she said that you know you are a teacher at heart when you find information out and then you have to share it immediately. That’s me and you’ll learn that about me if you haven’t already.


This is probably the shortest podcast that will be in this entire series ! I believe that we are community and us joining together and sharing information about physical, mental, and spiritual health is going to be something we look forward to each week!

I’m excited about the guests that we will be bringing in to learn from and I’m excited about getting to know you guys and answering any questions that you may have!  I love research so ask away! I’m a teacher at heart and if I don’t know the answer, I will go find it (or bring a guest on to answer it)!

For now, maybe take a few steps towards wholistic greatness between now and the next time we connect. Look at your physical health and see what is it that you can do to help support it.  Maybe it’s drinking water. Perhaps take a deep look into what is a better state of emotional health for you. Is there something that’s holding you back that you are not really willing to talk about?  It could be spiritual health. If you haven’t been seeking something bigger than you, maybe now’s the time. I have learned that gently approaching wholistic health has been the key to progress and success.  

Join the Wholistic Greatness Crew!

Claudine Phillips

From now until the next time we meet I look forward to inviting more guests into our podcast.  Most of all I look forward to growing and learning with you! Take care and see you next week!

Keep on heading towards your holistic greatness! If you have a friend that might benefit from listening to this episode send them a link and share the love by sharing this show!! I would be so honored to be a part of their health journey!  Thanks for listening to The Claudine Phillips Show!

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