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It’s 5 Tips Friday, so I am sharing my favorite things with you on the mind, body, and spirit along with what I am reading and what is inspiring me right now!


This week’s podcast is all about our story. Go here to check it out, but let me tell you why you NEED THIS PODCAST in your life! Your story will change the lives of many! We all have pain. And we all want to live a life of purpose, but let’s be honest, we don’t find purpose in our pain, we find our purpose in our healing. More on this topic in the podcast so GO CHECK IT OUT! We need to hear your story!


Body Image issues has plagued me for a lifetime. I recall my first memory of hating my body and it’s young, ya’ll. As I traveled through healing, I was able to embrace the body that I am given. To appreciate the small things in life like, walking, breathing, and having energy again is a big one! Listen in on how I embraced my body, finally.


Do you know what your name means? I do and it was a huge disappointment my entire life…until a friend set me straight! At that moment I was able to see what my name really meant. It was the complete opposite! It floored me, but more so, I noticed a shift in how I introduced myself, how I wrote my name, and how I even carried myself. Again, I learned to embrace my name. I learned that God had a huge plan for me since the day I was named. It’s a good story, friend! It may change the way you look at your name.

What I am Listening To

You know my friend, Monica Swanson. She has a new podcast called The Boy Mom Podcast and I am knee deep into it! I grew up with all girls and I find myself lost on strategy for raising my boys at times. She has saved my tail a time or two. Go have a listen.

What Inspired Me This Week

#ShowmetheCookies ! When it gets cold, I want to bake, and the kids LOVE IT! This week, we threw some cookies int he oven and the family has absolutely devoured them! Click here to get the recipe for the Best Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

THANK YOU for being a part of this community and thank you for allowing me to serve you in a way that I love! Through inspiration and education! Have an intentional weekend with the ones that mean the most! See you soon!

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Claudine Phillips is a Health and Wellness Motivational Speaker. In the 20 years that she has been researching and teaching whole body health and wellness, she has become obsessed with helping others realize their best self in mind, body, and spirit. Each week, on the Wholistic Greatness Podcast and Her Blog, she shares health-inspiring interviews, workable tactics, and tried and true strategies with a wholistic intention. THIS IS THE MOMENT to embrace YOUR BEST SELF! This is the the time to walk into your #WHOLISTICGREATNESS!!