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It’s 5 Tips Friday, so I am sharing my favorite things with you on the mind, body, and spirit along with what I am reading and what is inspiring me right now!


Have you ever said, “I will NEVER do what my parents did.” Only to find yourself doing the very thing your parents did as an adult!!!??? Yes, me too. BUT, there is a way to stop this crazy making by simply saying , “But Today.” Find out what the mind hack trick is on the podcast today! Dr Joe Dispenza is an incredible resource to help you reframe your thinking to have better health and healing. 


Accountability is key, right. Yes, it still is and forever will be! I have started to run again and I am loving it (imagine me singing “loving it”)!! It is therapy, me time, audiobook time, and time to sort stuff out! I started back up this summer after years of taking off due to my season of life and an injury, but got back into it whole heartedly! By the end of the summer, it was hard to get out there alone. So, a friend shared with me STRAVA and I was back into it becauase of community. I also got a friend to hike with me weekly as well. It is all about accountability. Find yourself a way to get a commitment out of yourself and get back to moving that body!


I honor the light in you. The light I am referring to is your LOVE. Yes, we all have it, not matter what we have done or had done to us. We have love. Smile, wink, hug, or hold a door. Love one another is the assignment in life. Now go do it!

What I am Listening To

This is not a “Christian” book and I am OK with it. You guys, God is everywhere and I believe Gabrielle Bernstein has a message to sahre of love and acceptance. She, too has struggled with PTDS, trauma, addictions, and depression, and has paved a way of healing. She gave me a new way of approaching my life. I want a life of freedom and love, even when it gets hard. It is SO good, ya’ll.

What Inspired Me This Week

Yes, I am a podcaster and speaker by day, and a thrifter by night. I was feeling stuck and needed to get creative to get my writing juices going again. Enter new dresser. I found her for $8.50! She got sanded, a new stain, and a massage of oil. Viola, she now stores all our board games! If you get stuck and need a little pick me up, draw, paint, re-arrange, thrift, or be in nature. Do something out of your norm and see the juices start to flow again. It did for me!


THANK YOU for being a part of this community and thank you for allowing me to serve you in a way that I love! Through inspiration and education! Have an intentional weekend with the ones that mean the most! See you soon!

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I am Claudine Phillips, a Registered Dietitian, Yogi,  and wife and mom to 3.  I blog, vlog, and podcast my experiences to a healthy and wholisitc lifestyle to inspire you find your #wholisticgreatnessl. I termed the phrase #wholisticgreatness to embrace spiritual, emotional, and physical health in order to become your best self. I share my personal stories as well as partnering with guests as they share their inspiration, tactics, and strategies to be their best selves!  I can be found speaking locally and nationally, bloggingvlogging and connecting with you on my podcast, The Wholistic Greatness Podcast, and on all the socials at @claudinephillips. I can’t wait to connect!

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