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It’s 5 Tips Friday, so I am sharing my favorite things with you on the mind, body, and spirit along with what I am reading and what is inspiring me right now!


If I told you that the chances of your health status would increase by 62% if you took three simple steps, would you do it? According to Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews of Dominican University of California, if you write your goals, action commitments to those goals, and share these commitments with a friend, you will increase the chance of them happening by 62%! Wow! Go check out this article to find out more. In summary: 1. Write the goal 2. Create an action step for the goal. 3. Tell a trusted friend about your goal and BOOM, your chances of healing, meeting that goal, being successful, achieving that thing magically increases because your MIND heard you set, create a plan, and said that goal aloud. It is the reticular activating system that actually engages and keeps you on the track of achieving that said goal. I love how the body works! So go write those goals down!


Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation.  Magnesium is required for energy production, oxidative phosphorylation, and glycolysis. In other words, we need magnesium in our life and it is a mineral many of us don’t get enough of. Morley Robbins and Carolyn Dean are gurus of understanding why we need it and how to get just the right amount. I personally have gone through the Morley Robbins protocol to get my magnesium levels (and other important nutrient levels) up. Check out this post to see my ongoing experience with the protocol.


Do you deal with Anger? Yes? Me, too. Well, I did deal with anger. I was driven by unresolved childhood trauma and wasn’t capable of managing my emotions. I walked around half cocked ready to fire at the nearest victim. Unfortunately, Shad and my kids witnessed a sad angry mama. Then I got help. Lots and lots and lots of help. I share the process of help and healing on the podcast and in this blog. I hope you find this older post encouraging if you struggle with anger. You are not a bad person. You are not mean. You are just sad and angry about something, and from my experience, it may have to do with something you dealt with as a child.  Here is the link to one of my most popular posts I’ve written to date (2014).

What I am Listening To

Originally, I picked up this book to help grow my podcast and blogging business, BUT this was exactly the opposite of what I thought I needed. I needed to “read” this book to affirm what the heck I have been doing in my personal life.  I have had this heaviness about my career my entire life. Here I am, building my business and adult life as FOURTY SEVEN YEAR OLD! I have to be careful because, sometimes, I get overwhelmed with shame and doubt and ask myself, “What the heck are you doing?” But I shake it off and keep going. Why? 

Well, to be honest I, like Marie Forleo, was a psych major that changed to something more digestible because I wasn’t ready to face my “stuff” in order to get that psych degree. And since I was so afraid to face my past, I put my head down and pursued dietetics, only to realize, 20 years later, my health issues are all related to my personal trauma. So today, FINALLY, I am investing in building my health by looking into my past, healing it, and moving forward like a beast!! I am figuring out this life one day at a time, wholly and completely. I know it’s not too late to reorganize my beliefs and move into the career I know with absolute certainty is the truth of who I am and what I believe in. I believe that whole health, total optimal health, or Wholistic Greatness, is embracing my mind, body and soul to be the best possible me. And I believe this for you, too. This book walks through Marie’s philosophy that everything you do and want to do, YOU CAN DO IT. It is “figuroutable.” No shame. No guilt. Believe in yourself. God’s got you, friend, but it is up to you to decide what you do with it.

One more thing Marie mentioned. There is a difference between can’t and won’t. Try this exercise: Replace the word can’t with won’t. “I can’t make time to read this book.” vs. “I won’t make time to read this book.” There is a difference, huh? It’s a game changer!

What Inspired Me This Week

The struggle is real when baking high altitude, but I think I found a worm hole with my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe.  You guys! I look like I am a baker when it comes to these cookies and myself and my girl don’t feel like we are missing out in the cookie department when it comes to gluten free cookie consumption.  Take your time with these babies and don’t rush them. They are easy, yet waiting an our to bake them might tempt your cookie dough eating habit to the 10th degree! Hang in there, hun! We got this! Recommended to bake in jammies, a cup of warm tea, slippers, and on a cold, rainy or snowy day. You will sure be the best human in someone’s eyes, if not yours, that day! Love and hugs and warm cookies! Here is the recipe!

THANK YOU for being a part of this community and thank you for allowing me to serve you in a way that I love! Through inspiration and education! Have an intentional weekend with the ones that mean the most! See you soon!

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