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Episode 23 | Amy Wicks on How Embracing the Enneagram Can Add to Emotional Health

In this episode of The Wholistic Greatness Podcast, I have the opportunity to sit down with Enneagram Coach Amy Wicks. We discuss how the Enneagram will add to your Emotional Health.

What you will learn in this week's podcast:

Since I learned what the Enneagram was and my dominant number, my entire life took a huge PIVOT! (Channeling Ross Geller from Friends right now.) I was able to see that behind my number I had special super powers that made me be me and I wasn’t afraid to use these traits or hold back any longer.

I have learned to be a planner, leader, and decision maker, unapologetically. I have learned that I have STRONG convictions that who I am on the inside, MUST BE the person I am on the outside. I am not afraid to rock the boat, for what is truth, and being perdect is not the end game. 

Shad has also embraced his Enneagram Number and, together, we have cultivated a relationship that is stronger and better then ever. Listen to this podcast and then RUN, do not walk, and dig deep into the Enneagram. It will make you a better friend, partner, mother, father, boss, and most of all, a better you! 

We all have a super power. It is a matter if we BELIEVE IT and USE IT that will make the difference.

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