Episode 17 | Anxiety : Strategies for Identifying And Overcoming Panic Attacks

Hi there mama! First of all, it is going to be ok. Second, it is going to be ok. Third, I am going to walk you through how to identify and overcome anxiety and panic attacks. I walk you through my personal journey and triumphs in struggling with anxiety my entire life.  As always, there is a free printable to print to have on hand when learning the 5 simple steps to regaining control in your life! Also, don’t forget to check out the meditation series HERE to help aide your coping with anxiety.


What you will learn in this week's podcast:

I have experienced anxiety since I was as young as three. My therapist and I have walked though some pretty tough memories that were the root cause of a majority of my anxiety, yet it doesn’t end here. There are three root causes to anxiety: Trauma, Gut Health, and Circumstances. All three of these cause chemical imbalances that throw you into a panic that you may not think you can control.

In today’s podcast we walk through 5 steps to Identifying and Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

If you struggle or have a friend that struggle, please pass along this post and podcast. These steps have saved myself and relationships that mean the world to me. 

“We can feel that  we are waiting helplessly for the anxiety beast to attack at any time, but we actually have the power to fend off the beast with these 5 Simple Steps.”

Free Printable to Have On Hand to Help You Get Through Your Attacks

BONUS: 3 Part Meditation Series

Click HERE for a 3 part series of meditations that take you though morning, mid-day, and evening meditations. They will help you start, reset, and end our day with full intention and restoration.

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