call someone

Ok. This task seems weird, doesn’t it? To call someone. What I mean by calling someone is to call someone. Just pick up the phone and call someone. Anyone. This time, make this conversation intentional. Make it all about them. Ask them how they are, what they have been up to. Ask alot of questions. Try not to make it obvious that you called to make it about them. Just love them by listening and taking interest in their day.

I did this recently. It is pretty easy for me to pick up the phone and call someone these days because I am a little lonely. I have moved alot in the past two years and I miss seeing my people. I miss physically being around the familiar. When I call friends and family, it is easy to make it about me. Who I have met? How the kids are liking the new house, school, and friends. How I am adjusting to cooler temperatures.

But this time, I made it about them and was shocked, horrified, and relieved all at once. I was shocked because this person had so much to say and i talk to her at least twice a month. She filled me in on so much of her life the past two years we have been apart. It was like we had not talked since. I was horrified because I KNEW we had talked in the past two years and it was always about me! I would fill her in on my life and then say it was time to go and say good-bye without even digging into her life. Ouch! The relief came when I hung up with her this phone call and was grateful that this 31 day series is taking me to a new level of service to others. I am glad was silent and she shared her heart about her life. I am thankful she was still able to share with me, eventhough it had been about me the past few years every time we called eachother. She is a keeper, for sure.

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Today’s call: Call Someone

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