Claudine Phillips

coffee connection: when putting yourself out there pays off

Whew! Getting through my first coffee connection was like going on a first date. I was a nervous wreck the minute I woke up until the minute I ordered my coffee. Not knowing who was going to sip with me left me feeling like a dog left out in the rain. But today! Today was so polar. Who was that nervous Nelly of a gal, hands shaking, stomach swimming last month? Today, I awoke with excitement and anticipation for connection. It was like a gift waiting for me down the street.


Drop the kids off, money in the meter, coffee ordered. To my surprise, as I stuffed my wallet back in my backpack from ordering, a person that I had not had a chance to get to know yet caught my eye. She is a soft quiet soul. Always lingering in the back, never drawing attention. Today, she was front and center and ready for conversation. My. Heart. Leapt. It just leapt! Whatever the reason, she came. She came to connect. My throat lumps as I write. Do you get me when I say this? I wonder if she would have ever asked anyone for a coffee date on her own. There was a gift waiting for me down the street after all; her.


Her courageous steps of connection further solidified that these coffees are meant to happen. One by one, smiling faces gathered. Hugs petitioned upon greetings. Our huddle grew. You could hear the rhythm of the beat of friendship softly start to bump. I couldn’t help but wonder what others were thinking as we engaged as if no one else was there.  On one hand I wanted to raise a flag that said “Come Join Us” to onlookers , yet on the other hand I immensely enjoyed the banter between these babes.


This free forming ever changing group of women speak joy. We do not speak shame, condemnation, or gossip. Uplifting conversation is just happening organically. We lift one another up, we laugh, and we encourage. Most of all, we are just together. There is something about being together that gives me life. A familiar face that simply smiles my way, or a gentle touch on the shoulder that says “I am present” injects my soul with energy only another friend can give.


New faces. New friendships. Laughing. Eye contact. Soft sighs. Smiles. It is the dawning of summer here is SLO. Although flowers are abundant year round, there is an extra sweetness to the air today. Friendships are in bloom.

How about you? How was your community connection this month? I would love to hear about it! Comment below!

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