Chlorella Key Health Benefits and Recipe

Chlorella: The Key Health Benefits and Recipe

What are the health benefits of Chlorella?

Chlorella is not just for detoxing, it has been proven to support your health is a variety of ways (to name a few):

Are there any dangers to ingesting Chlorella?​

It is possible to experience adverse reactions to the ingestion of Chlorella. If you exerience any of these, please consult your natropath or physician immediately:

And please avoid chlorella if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have mold allergies, taking anticoagulant meds, have iodine sensitivity, and already have high levels of iron. 

What are the best sources of Chlorella?

Although Chlorella has been around for centuries, and some of us are relatively new to it, it is essential to incorporate if we are embarking on a daily detoxification process.  This immune booster can also have long lasting effects to healing the gut and curing asthma. But most of all, many people experience a boost in welcome energy. 

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