chore charity

How many times, as a mom, have you heard “I didn’t leave this here!”  “This plate in not mine!”  “These aren’t my socks!”

I hear them just about daily. I gently remind, speaking through my teeth, holding back scary mommy, and ask “Is that something you would like me to say when I am cleaning your things or doing your laundry?” I also remind them that we are a team and the more we pitch in, the more time for FUN!

This usually does the trick for them.

What about me, however? My husband was very busy with work and I was handling most of the parenting, home skills work. I naturally was wearing thin and my resentment was growing. I noticed the trash was piling up and I was wondering when he was going to take care of this issue. I literally let the trash grow so much it was over flowing to the floor.

After walking around the trash for days, I finally cleaned it up and took the trash out mumbling under my breath ‘poor me’ dialogue. Once I got back inside I realized that I was taking on the attitude of NO gratitude. I was walking around entitled and frustrated.

I stopped in my tracks and decided to look around for more chores of my husband’s that I could do.

He came home and his chores were done….which led to more time together and FUN!

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