Claudine Phillips

coffee connection: the art of receiving

I have been a little more weepy than usual.  Maybe it is the photographer in me that’s catching the details, or the end of this school year that renders me sentimental lately, or perhaps my hormones are shifting {yet again} post baby . Regardless of why I have been weepy, I am noticing so much around me, simple things, that it brings me to my knees.  Meaningful things like hands lightly touching a steaming cup of tea or fancy fingernails gripped around a frothy milkshake at 9 am in the morning. These things sounds so simple, but they are making me weepy! They get me in the throat.


“This is life!” screams at the top of my inner thoughts.

“Take it in! Take it in!” echos in my heart.

“Community” comforts my soul.

There I sat among beautiful hearts, all made so uniquely, so perfectly, so intentionally-sharing, laughing, and loving. I could not help but notice their hands. Hands of calm, hands of flare and spunk, hands of mothers, mortgage brokers, and teachers. We all have them, hands, yet they all serve such different purposes. One set of these hands cleans my  children’s desks every school day, without complaint. Another keeps my children’s records straight and another has given me essential oils to help keep my children healthy. One relentlessly reaches out in prayer to me and tells me I am wonderful just about every time I see her. I can go on and on.


I am grateful. That is simply it. I am so very grateful to be in the company of these incredible women. We all want to connect, share, and dream together. It is our commonplace. I know the Lord has brought these women to me, I have no idea why, but I am receiving it.

I have a dear friend that has taught me the phrase “I receive that”.  It was a life changer for me. One day rambling through a bumpy truck ride on a ranch in Claude, Texas, I was complimenting the driver for her wisdom and love that she has for the Lord and for strengthening marriages. Maneuvering her truck over the rocky trial, she slowed down to a stop, turned to me and said, “I receive that!” I still  see her smiling back at me with such promise in her eyes.  She turned back to her steering wheel and slowly sped back up. I was speechless. I sat there in the passengers seat, lost for words. My back started burning, a lump began to swell in my throat and before I knew it, warm tears streamed down my blushed checks. I was overcome with the Holy Spirit.


I have never forgotten that cherished moment that taught me about receiving. So often I put myself in a position to fight for things in my life, yet there are times that surprise me like this one. As I watched these delicate hands embrace one another, cover their mouths with laughter, and trace the rim of a hot mugs, I sat back, breathed in and said to my God, “I receive that.”

How about you? Did you have opportunity for community connection? I can’t wait to hear about it! Comment below!

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