Claudine Phillips

coffee connection: When just one matters

In the dawning of the sweet morning of my last coffee connection, the spunk in my step was not so apparent. My household was in “Project Baby Sleep.” My husband and I were rounding the corner of 10 months of not sleeping through the night and baby not really napping more than 30 minutes at a time. We would try to alternate nights, hoping the other could get rest, but the sound of his sweet cry from the baby monitor was always looming. We hit the wall and it was time to get him on a more solid schedule so we could function again.

We were in hopes our brain cells would connect and we would start being nice to our other two children again. We were smack dab in the middle of this “project sleep” when the coffee connection came back around. It was also, what I like to call, MayCrazy. The end of the school year is always crazy around our house. Last final projects, performances, assessments, and parties were on the calendar, yet little time to make it all happen.


I forgot to send out a reminder for the coffee date (hence, MayCrazy) so I was pretty sure there would be a low attendance that morning. I drove up and in the rear view mirror I could see the little one snoozing away. There is something magic about the hum of a car that puts babies to sleep. Is there a baby swing that has this hum? If not, there needs to be!

I contemplated if waking him was the best choice. I opted to allow him to slumber and stand outside the car in which I had scored rock star parking. After waiting 20 minutes and deducting the fact that I had not reminded a soul, no one showed and I decided to leave.


About 30 minutes later I received a text “Where are you? I am  here.” I promptly U-turned, apologized, and stepped it up to get there asap.

The one waiting was my first friend I had made here. She is a soul that just understands mine. Our first conversation {as the kids played on the playground while we shared our stories} went so deep in a natural “I feel like I’ve known you forever” kinda way. She is a soul sister of mine.

We just get each other. The only way that we would have known we were soul sisters is if we took the risk to jump. To lean into the fear that she may not like me when she really knows me fear. We didn’t bare our souls or air dirty laundry, we just trusted each other with our truth and it was beautiful. She is that gal that I can just look across the room and she knows what I’m thinking….so very grateful.


I was so thrilled that she and I had an hour to pour into one another.  It was a gift.  Making connection is intentional, not accidental. It takes effort on both parties to make it happen. She showed up. When I was not there, she texted. I answered the call and met her where she was and souls were blessed. It would not have happened unless we went there. Unless we reached out. Made the time, the effort, and the intention. We now have that shared memory of connection forever.

….And if that wasn’t enough, the baby slept the entire time! Praise!

I’m looking forward to next month, our last daytime coffee until the school year starts up in September. I am pretty sure I’ll host Late Night Lattes this summer with these yummy ladies! I just can’t get enough of them!

How about you? Did you have opportunity for community connection? I can’t wait to hear about it! Comment below!