Claudine Phillips

Episode 27 | Anne Watson | Tapping Into Your Inner Greatness

In this episode of The Wholistic Greatness Podcast, I was able to sit down with Anne Watson,, and discuss a 3 step strategy to managing the time in your life where you don’t feel great, or good, or even worthy. She shares her personal struggle of not embracing her worth and how she overcame those negative thoughts! She has learned to dig deep and find her inner greatness and by the end of this episode, so will you!

“I have to be willing to suck in order to get better, faster.”

What you will learn in this week's podcast:

Who Is Anne Watson?

Anne is a Christian writer and speaker, and business strategist bent on helping women tap into their inner badass and make their dreams into reality with grit, grace and a lot of laughter. You can Find Anne over in Instagram @annewatsonTX as well as her site at: .  She also gives away tons of FREE inspo here.

The 3 Step Process to Inner Greatness

To download your FREE PDF of the 3 steps to finding and harnessing your inner greatness, CLICK HERE.

Helpful Resources to Find Your Inner Greatness

The following book stack is information is from Anne and my conversation. 

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