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Welcome to 31 days to Empower Your People.

It just takes a second to EMPOWER YOUR PEOPLE!

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Click below on each day to read about every call of the empower your people project. I’ll be adding a link to each day once it goes live.

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Intro: empower your people

Day 1: overcome the butterflies and believe

Day 2: start the conversation

Day 3: hand written notes for the win

Day 4: intentional living

Day 5: pay it forward

Day 6: reach out and text someone

Day 7: make it interesting

Day 8: hold the door for someone

Day 9: call your mom

Day 10: listen

Day 11: pray with someone

Day 12: thank a teacher

Day 13: serve

Day 14: call someone

Day 15: hug a stranger

Day 16: family night

Day 17: say i love you

Day 18: write a message in the mirror

Day 19: sign up to volunteer

Day 20: sign up for a charitable organization

Day 21: offer to watch the kids for free

Day 22: smile at a stranger

Day 23: complete a chore that is not yours

Day 24: write a note to a loved one

Day 25: schedule a date with someone

Day 26: tell a friend 3 things you love about them

Day 27: kiss a little longer

Day 28: donate to a charity

Day 29: help a stranger

Day 30: send an email

Day 31:

You did it!


What’s #empoweryourpeople about?

Imagine if you gave a second of your life to just a few strangers a day. Imagine if you said ‘hi’ to the person in the grocery line, complimented the new girl on her cool glasses, or took a second to give a dollar to the needy. What if we gave away a few more seconds and looked at our children in the eyes, kissed our spouse a little longer, or told our friend the amazing things you see in them? I bet they would stand a little taller. Maybe even smile. Perhaps change a life. I bet your life would be different, too.

The Nester challenges fellow bloggers to write for 31 days  every October about a topic they are passionate about. It helps inspire readers,  overcome writers block, or expand on a topic a blogger has been meaning to dig deep into. I am taking this challenge for many reasons. I am absolutely passionate about seeing people. I mean truly seeing people for how God made them and not how they “want to be seen.” I think it is beautiful when the person God intends is on the outside as much as it is on the inside. It is a gorgeous magical thing.

I wrestled with the concept of functioning in my authentic self as a teen and young adult. So many years were wasted on focusing on self help books and other people’s advice of who I should be. I missed the boat for decades. No more. Today, although my old self wants to remind me of who I once was, I stand in the truth of who I am in Christ. Taking this 31 day challenge is a pledge to myself of giving the amazing gift of knowing who others are in Christ my seeing each other for who they are. Accepting where others are and celebrating them right there at that moment.

I can only imagine how it will cover all areas of life from strangers, family, neighbors, and cyber space, yet keeping my hands open to what God sees happening in the next 31 days. I am going for it and I would love for you to join me in the journey. Each day I will post what God lays on my heart for the day and I would love to see what God does in your day for the next 31 days when we pledge together to give life, to speak life, to empower our people.

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Remember, it just takes a second to EMPOWER YOUR PEOPLE!

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