family night

We are a bus-E family. Every minute if the day seems accounted for before we even start it. I don’t like this at all and I want it to stop. A friend of mine has Thursday family nights built into their week each week. I decided to give this a try a while back and Thursdays happen to work for us as well.

Lately, Greanly is really into the game called Life. We decided this would be a good game for our family to play. The homeschool mom is always in the back of my mind and I love how it encourages the kids to read, count, and make decisions that will effect “their future”…oh, and we can play this game in less than a hour.  We are busy and we are tired! We want that one on one eye contact time, but we also want to get to bed early!

The past three Thursdays, we have cackled our way through the game of Life. I think the funniest moment so far has been when dad ended up with 7 kids and had three different jobs! I like that there is ONE winner and there is a looser. Rarely do you see this in games today. The kids learn that what they decide now will effect them in the end. Life lessons.

Family night does not have to involve life lessons, but they usually do. Anytime a family gets together, memories are made. When memories are made, the lessons of life are laid without knowing it. Lesson 1: time spent together makes Team Phillips better and stronger. We are closer because of these nights and there is no other way I would have it.

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