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Part 1 & 2: Finding Wholistic Greatness in Friendship with Amy Kelly, The Ish Girl

In these episodes of The Wholistic Greatness Podcast Amy Kelly joins us from The Connection Not Perfection Podcast to discuss finding #wholisticgreatness in friendship. Amy is my best friend and advocate of life in general! We discuss entering friendship with more than one carry on, how friendship can be a bridge to freedom in Jesus, exclusivity in friendship circles, and what to look for in friendship. 

What you will learn this week:

Who Is Amy Kelly

Amy and her husband, Phillip, have been married for 22 years and they have two teens 18 and 16 years old. They live in Texas and are forever Aggie’s (woop)!

At, Amy Kelly’s passions converge. It is where the sweet spot of her love of teens, books, and parenting meet. A place where you can lean in and discover strategies and tools that will give you opportunities in your journey to knowing your teens deeply and speaking into their hearts and minds.

As a former Middle School teacher and an avid reader, Young Adult literature is her jam. She can easily blow through four or five books in any given week. (And talk about them to anyone who will listen!)

Want to know what she just read? Check out her podcast!

How to Find Amy

A podcast where Amy makes it easy for parents and teachers to connect to teens through literature, laughter and love!

Amy's Favorite Podcasts

Amy is all a bout growth mindset, especially in her career as a podcaster. Yet she is a sucker for a good story like me….

Amy's Top Mentors

She considers her podcast favorites mentors as well, but her real life mentors are her dear friend Kellye, me, and the ladies in my life group at church – Candy, Michelle, and Paula. They all have older kids than mine, and are SUCH and encouragement.


One, or if you want two, steps involved to grab your Free Bee of:

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I am Claudine Phillips, a Registered Dietitian, Yogi,  and wife and mom to 3.  I blog, vlog, and podcast my experiences to a healthy and wholisitc lifestyle to inspire you find your #wholisticgreatnessl. I termed the phrase #wholisticgreatness to embrace spiritual, emotional, and physical health in order to become your best self. I share my personal stories as well as partnering with guests as they share their inspiration, tactics, and strategies to be their best selves!  I can be found speaking locally and nationally, bloggingvlogging and connecting with you on my podcast, The Wholistic Greatness Podcast, and on all the socials at @claudinephillips. I can’t wait to connect!

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