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Which Functional Medicine Lab Companies and Testing Should I Use?

In this episode of The Claudine Phillips Show, I share lab companies that many functional health practitioners use to help find the root cause in their patients. It is refreshing to work with and support companies that “get” your functional approach and do the research to partner with you to help so many people struggling with disease. Most of these companies require a health practitioner to order the tests, so make sure you have this article handy and ask, “What lab companies do you partner with?”  There is a FREE PDF at the end of this post for you to print out for easy reference. Here is the list of functional lab companies and specific labs they are known for testing.

What you will learn this week:

Picking the right company for the right lab can be confusing. This list will not only equip you to partner with your functional health practitioner, but it will empower you to be your best advocate. We have to own the journey and this is one of the most important steps to your healing journey.  

Functional Lab Companies and What They Test For

Labs and functional tests are empowering health clues to help you discover WHERE your system is struggling and WHY you’re not feeling your best. In addition, labs help clarify which concerns you should prioritize so that we can not only work preventatively, but proactively on your health.

It is important to understand what your lab results really mean. Taking the time to make sure you understand your lab results is an essential element to your health success is one of my missions for you. Even when your tests come back “normal”, a laboratory review helps you understand what that means, what are optimal results, and how you can continue to improve your overall health.

Here is a list of lab companies that are helpful in finding the root cause of your health issues. This list is not comprehensive, yet an excellent source to place in your toolbox for optimal health. 

Lab Companies

Tick Borne Disease, Fungal and Bacterial Exposure –  Igenex and MicrobiologyDX

Epigenetics Testing23andme

Genetic EvaluationStrateGene

Metabolic Testing – Great Plains

Women’s Health testing– WestCoast Pathology

Comprehensive Dried Urine Testing – Dutch Test

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) –Aerodiagnostics

Neurotransmitter and adrenal testing – Labrix

Metals testing for Doctor’s Data Labs

Nutrient Profile testing – Spectracell Labs 

Comprehensive testing with  DiagnosTech’s Labs

Comprehensive stool testing for Doctor’s Data LabsGI Map

Food Panel with Mediated Release Therapy  MRT/LEAP

Food Panels with Great Plains and US Biotek Labs

Comprehensive Panels with Vibrant America and Veridia

Other lab companies you can work with in your health journey include: LabCorpQuestCyrex Labs, and Ulta Lab Tests


Part of being an advocate for yourself is to make sure you are up to date with your screening tests and early detection. Working with your functional medicine team, they may suggest tests that include thyroid ultrasounds, breast mammography and ultrasounds, thermography, bone density (DEXA), ultrasounds, MRIs, and CT scans.  I frequently work with Invision Sally Jobe and The Thermogram Center here in Denver. 

Remember, getting the right labs drawn with the right lab companies is key, but ordering labs can be like throwing darts figuring out what and where your root cause of disease is coming from. Your health practitioner will do the best they know how as they order your labs in your journey to health. Be patient. Be your best advocate and communicate all the symptoms you are experiencing. this will help them know which labs to order to help you find your root cause. 

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