handwritten note for the win

A simple note can lift spirits , give birth to dreams, and even change the direction of a day.  As you know, I launched this series of 31 days to empower your people just after I attended the Influence Conference 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This idea to commit to empower one another was laid on my heart at the close of our incredible weekend.

I was fortunate to get to hang out with my friend Amy Kelly from the Ishgirlsdish for a few days after the conference ended. We had margin to dream big, laugh (a lot), watch movies, sleep, and play. It was so refreshing, life giving and such a gift to spend time with my soul sister. The last day came and a heavy quiet washed over our hotel room. We just knew we were about to say good-bye and that the only part we hate about our trip was coming quickly and always too soon.

I like to carry blank note cards with me everywhere I go. Is that weird? I’m weird. I never know when I will be inspired to speak life into someone’s life with a hand written note.  I never know when the permission to write comes, but when it comes, I can’t wait to obey! It is so fun for me to pen awesome things I believe over that person onto cute stationary.

My mission was assigned that morning to write truth for her soul to receive. I was on a stealth mission. With my heart racing, I wrote my note and slipped it into her bag while she was in the shower. The time came for our good-byes and she, with a smirk, handed me a note with my name written all fancy like. I, with my smirk, accepted her note.  It was filled with words so affirming it made my pulse race, eyes fill, and heart melt. She sees me . I am so grateful for the words that she speaks into my life. They are always so affirming, life giving, and place so eloquently in my heart. She has believed in me the minute we met and never ever has wavered. Thank you my friend, thank you!

What the card said on the front was icing on the cake! “You are all kinds of fabulous” Hi-larious! Love you! It just takes a second to empower your people and lucky me I was empowered right back with her handwritten note before she ever found the one I hid for her. So technically, Amy, you won. What?!

This  post is of a 31 day series called Empower Your People. You are invited to join us and empower your people.

Today’s call: Write a Handwritten Note

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