Claudine Phillips

how to handle a curveball from your church

This Sunday is our last week attending our church here in Evergreen. It’s been two amazing years of blessing for our family and we are so amazingly sad to see Red Rocks go. Red Rocks took the chance and planted a church in our town and we are forever grateful.   We have grieved, yet Shad and I are humbled with gratitude for the time Red Rocks has spent in the mountain community.

We are so grateful for…

  1. The community we have gotten to know.
  2. The Jesus they have brought to this community.
  3. The love that Jesus and the community has shown us as we have walked through Crosby’s illness.
  4. The prayers answered.
  5. The love.
  6. The friendships.
  7. The depth.
  8. The laughter.
  9. The lessons learned.
  10. The youth.
  11. Red Rocks Church.

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me Psalm 119:133

Bottom line. We love our church and we love our community. So what are our next steps?

We have visited many churches, life groups, and a home church and we have found out where the Lord wants us. We are in a new season of being a part of a home church that is rediculously generous to our town. We are finding families, people and businesses, and non-profits that need help, support, and simply humans to love them.

We are so incredibly grateful where God has led us and we pray we remain open to the unexpected. The people we are doing this life with are insanely generous. It inspires Shad and I to re-evaluate our giving and dig a little deeper. The people we have connected with in our town has also given us a sense of humility and gratitude that we can not explain. The joy they still have in their circumstances leaves me humbled with new perspective.

If curveballs come your way, hold on and let go. It is amazing what He may have in store for you…..