hug a stranger

Without getting arrested, hug someone you have not hugged before. We live in a world where our heads are down and we see comfort from our screens. Have we forgotten what the human touch can do for a soul?

Living in a new place there are less people I know which means less hugs. I need hugs people. Today was different and came out of the blue.

There is this young man that is a teacher to my daughter at our church on Sundays. He serves wholeheartedly and Greanly really has seemed to connect with this class this year. Normally she tells us what is going on in class, but this year, she is involved and feels like she has a place there. I think it is because this guy makes sure that each child in the class in known.

Today I walked into class to drop her off as usual. As I was turning around to leave these huge arms were reaching towards me and suddenly squeezing me tight. I froze for a second, then hugged back. Its like I walked right into his arms as if he had been waiting for me all morning. I like to think he was. I was almost in tears as we released our embrace. I smiled and said thank you. He cheerfully replied, “No problem, m’am!”

This 6 foot bear hugger gave me a reminder that my God with me and that I am known. That he gives me the smallest of my desires. To me, those are the ones that make the biggest impact.

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Today’s call: Hug Someone

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