Claudine Phillips

it’s ok to love God and love yoga


Is there a dream that makes your heart race and you say you will do that “Once I grow up” and you are in your 30s, 40s, or maybe your 50s? This dream seems far fetched and unachievable. Impossible. Down right ridiculous even.

I had a dream planted in my heart 11 years ago when Greanly was in my tummy and I was introduced to prenatal yoga. I had been an aerobics instructor through out my undergrad years, a teacher fellow in my masters program for any class that required your body to move, and I was a marathon runner at the time. My ever blossoming body did not like bouncing and running all the time and I wanted a break. Yoga was the answer.  Yoga made me slow down, breathe, and rest my mind, body, and soul. It created space.

From that moment on we fell in love and the seed was planted that one day, one day when life slows down, I would get certified and teach yoga classes to my peers and share the peace and space it created for me.

That one day has come 11 YEARS LATER!

Eleven years?!?! I can’t believe the time that passed before I stepped out and allowed God to make my dreams come true. To be honest, I have been a little afraid to tell people how much I loved yoga. Being a believer, it was like telling people I worshipped other Gods when I told them I was going to a yoga class.  It was as if I was having an affair. Seriously, it was crazy to think that something that was so good for my body, mind, and soul had so much shame attached to it.

I took a challenge upon myself to really take care of me for the month of March and yoga was my first “go to”. It is my happy place and I stepped up my classes. After a few weeks I wanted to shout like that quirky elf in the movie ELF when he fell in love, “I”M IN LOVE, I”M IN LOVE and I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!”

We found each other again and I was not going to let go this time out of fear of what others would think. There was a Yoga immersion class starting and after interviewing, researching and praying, I signed up to my dream. On the outside, it looks like the worst timing. We are in the middle of a house renovation, we have young children, and our schedules are full, BUT I knew this was it, my time to take my dream to a reality!

So here I am, living a dream, on cloud nine in my yoga immersion class learning, living, and loving. It is a beautiful and crazy thing to learn how to worship God with my body. How to be with him on a daily basis so intimately that I miss Him terribly when we are “apart” out of my physical yoga practice.

Yoga stretches me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It makes me take time to not only be with him, but with me. To receive HIs love so I can give it freely to all that are in my life. It is so life giving.

I’m so much deeper in love with God as I practice my yoga, as I practice my dream. He had placed this on my heart 11 years ago and living it is incredible.

Is there a dream that you might be afraid of living? Give it a try. He LOVES to do the impossible in our lives.


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