Claudine Phillips

IF:Gathering Austin 2015



Tomorrow I get on a plane to meet my beautiful mother-in-law to do the hand off of the kids to meet up with my best friend and and new friend {that I can call a soul sister} to then get in a car and head to Austin to attend the IF:Gathering 2015.

A year ago I was in a new town, a new state, a new neighborhood, and a new community. I heard about IF from my best friend and took the plunge and hosted my own IF:Local in my new to me home. It was the beginning of real, deep, and beautiful relationships. It was the beginning of me being real, authentic, and vulnerable to others. It was the beginning of me being brave. Leaving the “be like them” behind and picking up the “be me”. It was a super scary start to an amazing life.

Here I sit, a year later, looking back. I am different in so many good ways because of the vision that was cast on Jennie Allen’s heart. Her bravery to “gather the people” sparked so much in me that I wanted to share with you.

I do things differently because I surrendered and allowed God to penetrate this prideful, insecure, people pleasing, and people approving person. Relationships have blossomed. Creativity has sparked within my soul and the fire rages to this day. Because of my ignited desire to know my God more intimately, I am starting to know and love the Claudine he created more intimately.

The one thing I have to say that really has affected me this past year is the ability to invite. I used to be the one to wait to be invited and yearn with great sadness when I wasn’t. I think it is amazing how God has brought this great desire to my heart as I have been traveling these past (almost) three years to new towns, new states, and new neighborhoods. If He had not placed the beautiful word of invite on my heart, I know I would have shriveled up and felt the lonely so hard I could barely stand it.

I encourage you, my friends, my change makers, invite.

It just takes one invitation for one person to say yes. For one life to be changed. For one light to start shining.

He calls us to gather. So gather.

I was gifted this ticket to Austin out of the blue. I receive that and thank you. I’m saying yes more this year.

I approach this weekend weak, however. It has been a super tough month. This comes to no surprise, although. The super natural power that will be running through the veins of all the attendees in Austin and all the IF:Locals can be a threat to the darkness that tries to overtake and never does. Not on His watch.

So, if you are headed to Austin or to an IF:Local, and experiencing some warfare, just keep swimming. You will get to shore, rest in His love, and be home.

If you would like to know more about the gathering, click here. You can find a local gathering {more fun this way} or attend online in their simulcast.

Love to you my Change Makers!