make it interesting

I was checking out at my local natural market as I did every week, several times a week, and the same young man was always there eager serve me.  I boogied my cart over to his lane looking forward to the familiar routine of him checking out and bagging my groceries the way I liked it. As he grabbed my items one by one, we exchanged our normal “hello how are you”, yet I wanted today to be different. I wanted him to know that I appreciate him and how grateful I was that he worked hard and made a difference in my day, even if it was the simple task of bagging my groceries. I have to admit, it is nice to have some sort of predictability in my life. He made a remark about the t-shirt I was wearing. It was a concert t-shirt and it seemed to spark something within him by the excited tone of his voice.

I inquired if he liked music and he said “oh yes, I live BECAUSE there is music.” Taken back by his response I further investigated and found that he played the guitar and sang in a band that played locally each week.  He had hoped to be discovered one day. Wow, I could have a rockstar here! I took of his band name and local haunts and felt like a groupie! It was fun!

Although I was only in the same town as he for a few short months and never was able to make it to a gig, it was such a treat to go to the store knowing he would be there and I would get the latest update. To hear the excitement in his voice as he shared his passion with anyone that would listen would make my day. I had a chance tho share a few “band gig” stories that my husband experienced as a drummer for a band before we had children. It was a neat way to connect with someone that I just never appreciated before. I loved the passion in his voice and sparkle in his eye when he talked about hi music.

How cool that the one question “Do you like music?” sparked a relationship beyond him serving me. Zack, you are a cool kid and I know I will say one day “I knew you when!”

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