Claudine Phillips

How one word can tell your story


Recently I hosted a giveaway for a “Word of the Year Necklace {2014} (aka ‘woty’) by Lisa Leonard as an introduction to this blog. I initially thought that was all there was to it-to welcome you to my corner of Tatum Layne. But as comments rolled in, I was overcome with your words; your ‘woty’ words. Words of the Year.

Each of you had a story behind them. Each of you. Your words had such meaning and power.

As I allowed these words to wash over me, I was overcome with how they changed me. I knew these words could make a difference in our community and I wanted to share the passion that came from your words, your stories.

During the giveaway, the question that rolled through my mind as I opened my laptop each day, looking forward to reading your comments was:

What word will I hear about today and

what beautiful story will inspire me to live out that word?

I didn’t want your words to stop coming.

So to keep the words flowing, I’ve started a new series called  “Word of the Week” Each week, I will share a word that inspires me with the hope that it will kindle a fire of excitement in you as well.

My prayer is that your heart will begin to relate a marker that will create conversation with God and his goodness, faithfulness, and love.

My desire is that when inspiration strikes you will lean in and allow that word to overcome you in your personal life and in your community, however it unfolds, and take action.

Hear a good word.

Receive the good Word.

Be the good Word.

Simply sign up here to get the “Word of the Week” sent to you directly.

Let’s do this!

Thanks for stopping by.

Yay words!