reach out and text someone

I read an article by Shauna Niquest the other day and it resonated with me. It was about going ahead and letting that person you were thinking about know you were thinking about them. Simple right? Easier said than done. Not to sound like a drag, but that takes time and energy from resources that are running low in this season my of life. She continued to share that it was her birthday and was celebrating with friends when a toast in her honor pursued. As the table rounded a corner it was time for a friend of hers that she held much regard for to share what she thought of Shauna. She did not think this person would have much to say, yet was the very person sitting at the entire table who shared the most meaningful things.

Indeed, when I am flooded with compliments it fulfills that earthly fellowship God calls us to seek with one another.  Nothing can replace the power that the love of Jesus can bring (period). This type of  earthly cup-filling fellowship creates a bond with one that he desires for us. We are not meant to do life alone and a simple text of “Hey I’m thinking about you today. XOXO” can turn a day around for a single person that can start a ripple effect.

I did just that today. I texted a friend and reminded them that I admired one of her gifitings and that I enjoy it so much when she is acting in them! She blesses me (and others) so much when she steps into her truth of who she is in Christ. Her response, “I receive that!”

So who are you thinking of? Go! I encourage you to do it now, it just takes a second to empower your people!

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Today’s call: Text Someone and tell them you are thinking of them

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