say i love you

If you are not a feeler or a sanguine personality, this post will probably leave you a little squirmy. We are going to talk about feelings, hugs, and unicorns. Well, maybe not unicorns, but its close enough.

I did not grow up saying I love you to friends, just family, really close family.

I love you just wasn’t a top priority in our household, but as I have been given my sweet pod of a family, i realize how important it is to say it and to hear it. I love you can mean so many different things. It can mean what it is saying “I love you.” It can also mean things like “thanks for cleaning the dishes”, “I am sorry that kid was not nice”, and “I’m glad you are my partner in life.”

I love you also does not have to mean “I like you”. We are open and honest with this one when it comes to our family. There are times were we may love our brothers, sisters, and spouse, yet not really like them…and that is ok. So, we don’t force I love yous. We allow those words to flow when the words are ready to come.

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Today’s call: Say I love You.

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