Your Story Can Change the World.

Hey storyteller! If you don’t believe you have a story to share, you are at the right place because YOU DO!  You have the power to change the world. Deep inside of you, every single one of you has the most powerful device known to man, and that is your story. A single story can start a movement, it can actually re-write your or someone’s future.

But, a story remains powerless if it stays inside of you. If you never pull that story out for others to experience, it will die with you. Maybe some of you tried to tell your story and it was rejected or misunderstood. And someone else’s story was accepted and embraced. The only difference between your story and theirs was the way the stories were communicated. Bc if you communicate your story that resonates with someone, change will happen and you can change the world. 

A single story can start a movement, it can actually re-write your or someone’s future.

Here are the 6 Steps to Telling Your Story (Adapted from Donald Miller's Story Brand)

Below is the Story Grid for Bridget Jones' Diary

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Helpful Resources to Cultivate the Telling of Your Story

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