Claudine Phillips

The struggle is real when baking high altitude, but I think I found a worm hole with my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe.  You guys! I look like I am a baker when it comes to these cookies and myself and my girl don’t feel like we are missing out in the cookie department when it comes to gluten free cookie consumption.  Take your time with these babies and don’t rush them. They are easy, yet waiting an our to bake them might tempt your cookie dough eating habit to the 10th degree! Hang in there, hun! We got this! Recommended to bake in jammies, a cup of warm tea, slippers, and on a cold, rainy or snowy day. You will sure be the best human in someone’s eyes, if not yours, that day! Love and hugs and warm cookies!

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I am Claudine Phillips, a Registered Dietitian, Yogi,  and wife and mom to 3.  I blog, vlog, and podcast my experiences to a healthy and wholisitc lifestyle to inspire you find your #wholisticgreatnessl. I termed the phrase #wholisticgreatness to embrace spiritual, emotional, and physical health in order to become your best self. I share my personal stories as well as partnering with guests as they share their inspiration, tactics, and strategies to be their best selves!  I can be found speaking locally and nationally, bloggingvlogging and connecting with you on my podcast, The Wholistic Greatness Podcast, and on all the socials at @claudinephillips. I can’t wait to connect!

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