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The Boy Mom: Monica Swanson on Honest Parenting

In this episode of The Wholistic Greatness Podcast, I sit down with The Boy Mom, Monica Swanson. We discuss her struggle of initially finding balance as a new mom to embracing where she was which led her to the #wholisticgreatness  she practices today. This timing of this podcast is no surprise! I am in the middle of raising one beautiful daughter and two amazing boys! She is wise beyond measure when it comes to raising boys! Monica’s depth of wisdom from experience and the love of Jesus is evident in the advice she gives throughout this podcast today. And guess what? She has been SO generous to offer a giveaway at the end of this post and podcast! Go check it out!

Her practical tips will leave you equipped to be the best boy mom possible. You won’t want to miss it! Gah! I just love her and what she does!

What you will learn this week:

Who Is Monica Swanson

Monica and her husband Dave have been living in Hawaii for nearly 18 years.  They arrived on the island with one son, and have had 3 more since.  They moved to Oahu for her husband’s (3-year) medical residency training, and never left.  She homeschools all 4 of her boys.  

She is crazy about her boys Josiah (19), Jonah (17), Luke (14) and Levi (8). 

Her boys are her inspiration for her blog, latest book and new podcast!

How to Find Monica

I encourage you to sink you teeth into all her stories and life lessons as a boy mom!

The Boy Mom Podcast

Brand New and FULL of amazing advice! Its like she is sitting across the table from you chatting it up about all things boys!

Her New Book!

Pre-0rder her book here!

Here is her free download: CLICK HERE!

“People were coming more when I would share an honest  story about parenting.”

Favorite Podcasts

Monica keeps many podcasts in her cue rotating between parenting, faith, and business.
Business: Story Brand (Donald Miller.) and the SPI (Smart Passive Income) podcast with Pat Flynn. 

Faith/Family:  Sally Clarkson, Don’t Mom Alone, Graceologie with Gwen Smith…and others

Monica's Mentors

Monica has a few mentors who she has known in real life for a long time and she mostly catches up with them by phone. She does look to women who are a bit ahead of her (Like Sally Clarkson) as online mentors!  


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