Claudine Phillips

The Broadmoor Fishcamp

What does a city girl say when asked to be hosted at the Broadmoor Fish Camp for three nights? I’m not sure the correct answer and I have never been politically correct, but this is how it went down for me.

“What do you do there?” I replied.

“You fish. Fly fish.” She said.

“And?” I asked with much hesitation.

“Oh! Your personal chef will cook your catch of the day, serve it to you in our dining room and you can just hang out with the other guests.” Chuckling back the answer.

“Hmmmm, OK.” I relunctantly replied; worried I’d smell like fish and cigars the entire weekend. This was a man’s sport after all, wasn’t it? I said yes because I had nothing to loose at the moment. It was time to take a break for the norm, try something new, and put my writers hat {about my experience} on, but to be honest I thought I’d rather write about connecting with other women over coffee dates.

I researched what to wear {of course-priorities} and what the heck you did when you fly fished. I packed my polarized glasses, long Johns, and a toothbrush and was ready to go.  The road to Fish Camp was no disappointment. Winding though the golden and rust colored Colorado mountains in the peak of Fall was a gift in itself.



Upon our arrival awaited our welcoming and friendly hosts {complete with the matriarch dog of the owners of The Broadmoor} to gather our bags and take us to our storybook cabin.




I mean. Wow! No detail was ignored. The carefully placed pillows adorned the rustic themed soft and plush bedding, the chairs fit the character of an old cabin and the complimentary toiletries and refreshments were icing on the cake.

relfish4 relfish12 relfish13


A fresh meal made just for me {gluten free and dairy free} and the arriving guests. Setting up diet accommodations was seamless prior to the visit. The entire stay was amazing. From the hosts, to the fishing guides, to the accommodations. This was truely a Five Star experience. Nothing fishy about it.



So why was I so reluctant?

Could it be that it wasn’t something I had ever dreamed of doing? It wasn’t my plan. Maybe it was that I had made up “what it was going to be like” before I stepped foot into the adventure. Perhaps the fear of the unknown dictated my experience before I even got in the car. Whatever it was, it was NOTHING I expected.

I was fed, provided for, spoiled, and had an amazing experience. I even caught a few fish! I learned so much about myself. I could fly fish! If anyone has ever fly fished you would know that it is an active sport. Not passive. You are challenged in mind and body and are always looking for the glimmer of a fish to snag, pull, and net. It’s a sport I enjoy immensely and can’t wait to experience again.




I can’t help but see the parallel in my spiritual walk and the reluctancy I experience when God calls me to something out of my comfort zone. I am a visionary who likes to jump and build her wings on the way down. But there are times when the Lord tells me to jump, and I say…”Uhhh….NO. Too risky {of my pride}, too scary {my vulnerability will be out there and critisized}, too unoriginal {I’m on the throne and only thinking of how it will benefit me}.” I pre-plan the outcome of God’s calling before I ever take the first step.

Recently I was having this conversation with God about a project he placed on my heart. This project was so exciting at first. The idea was amazing, but when it came to actually step into the abiding and doing of what He called me to do, I froze. I gave him excuses of why it shouldn’t happen now, why it was not good timing, and who and what was in the way. This conversation lasted for months.

…And just the other day, we started up this conversation once again. I felt the tug and I said “But…”. This time, He was not kidding around and laid down the facts. Impressed in my soul {not audibly} He said to me, “Daughter, I’ve got this. This is my project and these are my people. Just be my girl and abide, I’ll do the rest.”

If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. John 15:7


“Yes Lord.”

I humbly and audibly said yes to this new project. An adventure that requires me to abide so He can do the fishing through me and others that have said the same ‘yes’ to partnering in this venture. I am not trying to be secretive, yet details are coming together and you will know soon about this new fishing trip of sorts He has invited us to partake in.

I love how the Lord uses simple earthly adventures in my life to teach me about His big adventure. I know, and must trust, that He will provide like He did on this fly-fishing trip. He will ‘feed, provide for, spoil, and offer an amazing experience’ for everyone involved.  I just might catch a few fish and learn new things about myself {and God}. I. Can. Fish. It’s an active sport. Not passive. I will be challenged in mind, body, and spirit and will always be looking for the glimmer of a fish to hold close and love. It just may be a sport I enjoy immensely and can’t wait to experience it again.  Experiencing God and His never ending love is fuel enough for me to just jump…and HE will build my wings on the way down, complete with a fishing pole and tackle.

 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him. Matthew 4:19-20

I desire the faith of the fisherman. To “drop their nets”. To drop my fears, doubts, and excuses and immediately follow Him. How about you? Are you a reluctant fisherman? Is there a call on your life that circles back to you over and over again and you pull out your list of excuses? God is patient, but wouldn’t it be cool to start your adventure now? To not allow the evil one to steal one more day from you, but allow the Spirit to move through you to make His kingdom more crowded?

As I write, I process. I am more excited now than I ever have been! I’m dropping my nets and immediately following. If you read on in Matthew 4, you will see that “Great multitudes followed Him.” Matthew 4:25.

Great multitudes will follow Him through you, through us, if we just drop our nets…..

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