Claudine Phillips

what happens when you slow down


That’s my man. Happiest completely surrounded by family and nature. His inspiration comes from silence, nature, and music. All in which he has found his God. His God of grace, acceptance, and love. He teaches me by living what his God teaches him by seeking.

I have known that lump of deliciousness for 26 years. I have loved him for a majority of my life.  We were mere babes when we met and I have had the honor to watch him become a man.


He has had to face the stuff in his life so to live fully and abundantly. I have never known someone to be so devoted to loving his wife and his family like him. I have been completely unlovable at times, yet he still steps up and is my man.

He accepts the call of sleepless nights, working long hours, going to couples counseling, growth groups, saying sorry, and not expecting a thing. He accepts challenges to grow, he asks for help, and he admits when he is wrong.


He is fun. So fun. He loves to play. He is a kid magnet. He is a jungle gym before and after work. He never complains.

He has a quiet man. Reserved. Respected. He says little, but alot.


His love for adventure is contagious. I am a city girl who never camped growing up and was super ok with that. He was a city boy who never camped growing up, but longed for the great outdoors.  He has made this longing come to fruition and we now can call our family a camping family. No regrets. It is one of my happy places, too.


There is no gift better than time and he has taught me this. Time spent together is the richest gift we can give one another and to our children. We all actually like each other because of this. The time spent together is a treasure I am not up to trading. I am told over and over again that time is fleeting. That we will blink and our babes will be out of the home living lives with their families. Although hard to imagine, I know it is true.

I hold on to time. Time well spent, with each other. He taught me to slow down and watch. Take it in. Embrace.


I can not thank him enough for teaching me this precious treasure. I can see it unfold in my personal space, family life, and in my community. When I am with others, time seems to slow lately. I somehow take an areal view of where I am and who I am with and snap a metaphorical picture with my heart. I thank God for the time I am given to spend with the souls I can call my community.


May I never take my family or my community for granted. Never. I want my time to be well spent, to make a difference, and to inspire.

Happy Father’s Day to my man who taught me to slow down, play, and embrace those around me. I love you.


At what clip are you cruising? Is it time to slow and breath in the people around you? There is so much to receive and so much to give to the very people under your nose.

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