Claudine Phillips


Now THAT was Fun!

…and hard and confusing and awesome and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!  Welcome to the end of 2019! Wow! Are you blown away like I am with the fact that 12 actual months have passed before our eyes?! Shad sent me an encouraging email yesterday that reminded me that I tend to always be looking forward and I rarely look back and see what my hard work, prayer, and consistency actually created.

His email has spurred this post. I am pausing to take a look at what I did this year. Once I did, I realized it was way more than I was giving myself credit for in the current. I have already planned our Friday lunch meeting to start the 2020 goals this week, but first, 2019!

After taking time to look back, I was so excited to see the things I started this year and have SO enjoyed. These have been on my bucket list and now I FINALLY got TRACTION! I took action on all the things I had been dreaming about. It was hard, but a blast! It was scary, but I LEARNED SO MUCH! So, here we go with the top 3 things I am most proud of this year!

My Top 3 Personal Favs in 2019

The Wholistic Greatness Podcast is a dream come true! I have dreamt of creating a podcast for years and February 19, 2019 was its day of birth! The podcast has been a bridge that has introduced me to people that are now friends and inspired me beyond measure. I absolutely LOVE chatting it up with old and new friends and sharing anything I learn with you about living our best lives. The Wholistic Greatness Podcast is my baby. She already has guests lined up for the new year and I can’t wait to introduce you to new ways to go live your best life!

This was my most favorite aspect of my career in 2019. Being invited to speak to a group of hearts was such an honor I held so dear this year. The gut wrenching laughs we had, the tears streaming in the seats, and the never ending stories that were told after these talks were my hands down favorite. I met and hugged so many real people that encouraged me more that I could ever encourage myself. I don’t take these speaking events lightly, and yes, I have bookings in place for 2020 that I can’t wait to be a part of!

3. The 5 am Club!

September 2018 was the moment I realized that everyone that was actually making a difference in their and other’s lives were getting up before the sun (and their sons and daughters) and gettin’ er dun! My daily routine is discussed here! Check it out! I have been faithful since then (minus 6 weeks due to a minor surgery and increased anxiety -which I’ll be sharing about in 2020). It is a game changer and I love that I am back on track and making tracks again baby!

YOUR Top 3 Personal Favs for 2019

So those were MY top 3 favorites for 2019 and I would not have loved doing all these things without YOU! You have made me live x10 in 2019! I am serious. You have reached out with encouragement, said #metoo, and I have made some pretty amazing friendships along the way. THANK YOU does not seem enough. It takes relationship. It takes “going there” to find your people and you have taught me this precious gift of vulnerability. I am better for it and what a better way than to give back to those that give so much to me. This is why I do this. To heal, yes, but to pave the way of healing for you, too.  

1. The Most Popular Post in 2019!

As some of you know I started a blog called The Gluten Free Greenbean when Greanly was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 8 years ago. I posted our journey and many recipes. I may take that site live again one day, as I put copious amounts of blood, sweat, and tears into it. However, I post here now and this is our new baby. Writing is therapeutic for me. If I can just write “it” all out, I tend to be a better human for it. It is also a place to find the latest podcast, recipes, tactics, and strategies to living out a Wholistic Greatness type of life! 

It was very telling to see what your favorite post was this year. We have a community that wants to take care of themselves! The most popular post was Labs Every Woman Needs to Get on Their Next Doctor Appointment. I was so glad to see how helpful this was to you! There is a FREE PDF that has been downloaded hundreds of times! You GO GIRL! Way to take charge of your health! Click here to get that PDF if you haven’t already! It just might save your life!

2. The Most Popular Podcast in 2019!

Ok. So as you know I took a huge breathe and started a podcast this year! I launched in February and have been going strong! Meeting so many people through amazing Zoom conversations and hearing feedback from you has been so fun! Your most favorite, which is no suprise, was Your Story Has the Power to Change the World in 6 Easy Steps. I can’t tell you haw hard it was actually to get that podcast and talk out of me. I worte, re-wrote, cried, and laughed my way to the microphone. It was no easy task to get vulnerable with you on this particilar podcast. I had to come to grips with my own story to be able to share with you how to cultivate ours. AND, you said thank you and #metoo with hundred of downloads. Like seriously, THANK YOU! It was affirmation that God had plans in my sharing the process of telling our story!

3. The Most Popular Recipe in 2019!

I think it is funny that this is the most popular recipe downloaded. We are a community that wants to feed ourselves well, but have little to no time! Here is the link to that Quick Morning Smoothie Recipe SO many of you are enjoying AND getting fed with lots of Vitamins and Minerals we SO LACK in our daily diet!

So that is 2019 summed up. Not really, there is always more to say about our health mind, body, and spirit. I guess I should say that is all “for now”. I do want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to ALL of you! You have supported me SO WELL this first year out of the gates with a podcast, speaking again, and blogging (again). I appreciate every single Rating and Review   you have left on The Wholistic Greatness Podcast! I am grateful for your emails, DMs, and messages reaching out with questions and simple encouragement. And last, your hugs and constant support by sharing the word about the podcast and my speaking! I love to serve this community the best I can. THANK YOU!

Whatever 2020 has in store for you….fun, hard, confusing, or amazing…it’s going to happen no matter what. So opening our minds and hearts to embrace yourself is a great start!   Happy 2019 and see you in 2020! I already have podasts and posts and so much good content ready to be shared with you and I simply can’t wait! New seasons always inspire me!!