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Why it is important to remember there is something bigger

wordoftheweeklogo3videoI used to be a morning person. I would wake up at 5:30 AM and play. I would run, swim, bike, walk, yoga, something. I would just get moving. I did my best to protect that time, but as life happened I found myself sleeping through the alarm more than not and finally not setting the alarm all together.


 (Big Sur)

I admire those that stuck to it and still get up and play like I once did. I am chalking it up as my season of life. Sleepless nights with a new baby and early alarm clocks do not go together in my opinion.

Life got big.

My body is not what it used to be and my mind and heart is clearly missing those quiet times with just me and the Lord.  We would have the best talks.


(Big Sur)

I missed being immersed in nature, his creation. As the baby has begun to sleep through the night, I have reset the alarm clock and made the efforts to get back out there.

It. Has. Been. Glorious.  Oh how I have missed my friend, my father, my joy. He was still there waiting for me to play.

One of my most favorite places to go is to roam the coastline in the early dawn of the morning. As I wander, the feeling of being the first one to breath in the cool crisp air fills my soul.

And even though the wet squishy sand under my feet rejuvinates my spirit, its the waves I come to see. As the powerful waves roll in and crash against the jagged rocks, I am reminded of how small I am.

I need to be reminded of my smallness daily. Reminded that I have a God that is big. He is bigger than my big life and he can handle it when I can’t.

As I started to spend time with him, he started to grow again and me and my life started to shrink.

I am grateful.

To remember who I am and who created me, I started here.

Sharing a word form the Word this week.


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