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What to do when no one believes in your mission


The story of David and Goliath was one of the first stories that drew me near God’s word. The storyline of the young, bold boy defeating his giant in the name of Jesus!

But what is under this story is what grips me to the core. The courageous steps he took to just get to the giant.

You see, David had to walk through disbelief of many others before he could do what he was called to do.

His father sent his brothers to the frontline to fight for their country and did not believe David was ready for such a battle. His brother dumped his disbelief that David would not be able to fight the huge threat of a man and King Saul flat out said he was “just a boy” and even tried to put his own armor on David to protect him.

No one believed in David’s mission. He had to navigate this path of rejection by reminding his brother he had a voice, advising the king of God’s protection in David’s past, and still fighting that giant knowing it was against his father’s wishes.

He kept his focus on God’s voice and shut out any other voice.  David was the least likely to man, but most likely to God.

What giant are you facing right now? Can you hear God’s voice clearly or is there static from naysayers?

It takes such courage to go against the grain, against man. But God is waiting. Waiting for you.

Receive the courage you need, re-read David’s story in a new light here.

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