Claudine Phillips

My word of the year {2016} and How it came to be

Its that time of the year to set my intention. My word of the year. My WOTY.

I previously thought this word of the year tradition was just another thing to add to my list to “do.” I am a recovering list maker, busy to feel productive mama, so this can be a dangerous mind field to navigate.  Embracing my word of the year the past three years, however, has proven to be a true God send. I go back to my word, often, throughout the year. I bring it to Jesus, I write about it, I meditate on it, and I sit with it. I ask God why this word had been laid on my heart and what it’s intention is for me as the months pass.


As I warm by the fire and sip on my tea, I reflect on the year that God unfolded before me. A year I could not have planned.  This year, 2015, was quite the year {again}. My year was full. Crammed packed of many good things, a fair share of hard things, and things that just have not sorted out yet. My word of the year was my actual name {see post here}, Claudine. I had thoughts of why the Lord laid this word on my heart, but had no clue what his intention was until now, a year later.

He had me shift and bend in my thinking patterns and the way my heart felt about Him and about me. I have learned to love the girl God made more and in turn love the people around me. Free people, free people. He has set me on a path of even more freedom and space to be me. That has meant to distance myself from some relationships whom I deeply love to be able to have the space to have a voice, be me, and to walk in His light. This part has been the hardest for me, but oh so healing.

I also have had the opportunity to embrace people and let them come closer. It can be a scary thing to be vulnerable, authentic, and intimate with other people. The reward, however, has been 10 fold. Although my vulnerability was not embraced by everyone, the reward was 10 fold when my authenticity was received. I find myself in deeper and more meaningful relationships than I ever have been in my life. I am truly humbled what a healthy relationship can bring to my life. Grateful.

This year, my word is seek. The Lord has overwhelmingly brought me back to Him all this year. Who He is. Why He is. What He is. My knees buckle and lip quivers as I type. His love is all encompassing and my desire to seek Him is almost too much to bear. I have ideas on the way I want to do this, but I’m pretty sure he has that covered.

So, my friends, have you decided to embrace a word for this year? If so, I’d love for you to share with me. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” {Matthew 18:20}

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!