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Words. Words can inspire, give hope, comfort, or encourage. Words convey feelings, tell stories, and pass down heritage. Words can empower.

In January, blog posts exploded all over the internet with the topic “What is your word for the year?” Did you choose a word this year? I just might have the right motivation to help you choose that word if you have not already.

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I started choosing “my word” about three years ago and I got hooked! Each January I would find myself etching my  special word in my journal with anticipation of  great things! This year, however, was a little difficult.  In search of just the right word, I reflected back over the last two years.

These years were a little crazy for the Phillips family. We moved twice to two different states, we had a baby, and started homeschooling both kids in a time span of 18 months. Whew! I do no recommend it to anyone. I could think of a few words that would be fitting, but they were not so inspiring.

I learned  some soul bending things that changed my life forever and I wanted my word to mirror the strength and valor the past two years evoked.


Moving to a new state and new community was quite the shocker for me. I had lived a majority of my life in Texas. The transition to Colorado was tough to say the least.

During this refining time, I would take long walks alone around the small lake in our town and just cry. I would cry my eyes out. When people passed by me, I would hold my breath just long enough for them to pass and then burst out in sobs.

Have you ever been there?  It was a lonely time. A time I thought would never ever end. I would call out to my God asking him where he was. Why so cold?


My Father had so much to teach me. I had so much to learn. I had done life my way for so long and it was time for me to make the shift. He was calling me to Him.

As painful as this time was, I would not trade the relationship I now have with the Lord for the world . Scales were lifted in so many areas of my life. Relationships changed. I had to let go of some significant relationships in my life.  It was a difficult and a rocky road to navigate, yet it made room for new incredible people in my life. I am sure I may have missed out on these remarkable people if I had not let go of the relationships that just were not healthy for me (and them) and were simply not working. Old habits had to stop and replaced with new healthy habits that flourished.

Although I had been a believer for 13 years, I was learning for the first time what it meant to be a true friend, a committed wife, a blemished parent, and a forgiven daughter of the King. I am now able to look back at this cold, hard, lonely time and actually be grateful.

I was scared to death, however, the whole way. I had to draw courage from a place I had never drawn from before in order to make the changes necessary.   It required my complete trust in God. There was no way I could have done this on my own. I had to draw from His well of life. It was a terrifyingly intimidating experience. It took risk.


Risk. There in lies my word of the year. It was time to take risks. To risk the chance of not being liked because I choose to be vulnerable in relationships. To risk the chance of loosing certain people in my life because I choose to finally have a voice. To risk the chance of rejection when stepping out and inviting strangers to my table for sake of community. It has been and will be worth it.

Risk does pay off and wholehearted living starts happening. I decided to take the plunge one day, grab my word, and dive head first into a conversation of my story with a new dear friend of mine here is California. She was receptive, supportive, and loving. So loving that she showed up a few days later with a beautiful gift of a necklace that had my word of the year engraved on it. I was speechless.

She gets me. If I had not taken the risk of sharing my story, our friendship may have not gone just a shade deeper and we would have missed out on authentic love. We both proudly wear our word of the year necklaces often.

My friend also introduced me to the creator of my gorgeous piece. I was so thrilled to met her as I “knew” her in the social media world, yet not face to face. This incredible soul, Lisa Leonard, and I became fast friends. It is as if we have known each other for years. Maybe that’s what the risk of being authentic does. It gets the small stuff out of the way and makes way for big things, God things.

My necklace is dear to me for two special reasons. For one, two of my favorite people here in California had their beautiful hands form and give this sentimental piece to me. Second, it reminds me of how far I have come and how much more God has planned through me for Him. I am taking the risk and letting go and allowing God to work in my life freely and entirely.

You might be able to relate to my story of taking off the shame that results in the desire to control and putting on His grace and love resulting in value. Or, you may have already received this amazing gift of love and grace and are looking to grow in your faith. Either way, I would love to know your word that sits with you this year. That reminds you of your victories in past and triumphs still to come? Maybe it is grace, refresh, be, joy, happy….


I would love to celebrate your word with you by giving you the same necklace! I could not be more excited than to announce that I am hosting a giveaway of the “Word of the Year Necklace {2014} from Lisa Leonard!

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