you reap what you sow

Man, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this in my life. “You reap what you sow.” I think I am finally grasping this concept as a mother of three. If I do not take time for myself, I am unable to pour out to others. If I wait for someone to help me, then I am just that, “waiting for someone to help me” and nothing happens.

Busy people get things done. I say this because the simple thought of helping a friend or neighbor out, especially to watch their kids, sends chills up and down my spine. I am so overwhelmed with motherly duties, I don’t need any more noses to wipe. So why offer to help?

I offer to help because I see it in her eyes. The familiar “help me, but I am afraid to ask for help because I will look weak” stare that all moms of littles have experienced a time or two is written across her face. I offer because someone has done this for me and I will never forget it. I offer because I want to help, love, and support my fellow Change Maker.

You may feel led to do this, or not. You may do this once, or find it is fulfilling and continue to help. You may even create a “trade out” with this friend and you both get a break when mom is about to break. If it is not your thing, would you consider paying for a sitter ahead of time and surprise this friend with a girls day alone? Just a thought.

Either way, we are here to support, encourage, lift up, and love. We are not meant to do this life alone. Perhaps you are part of a mother’s break today. What a blessing you can be if you just knocked.

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