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Hi, I’m Claudine!

I am a motivational speaker who teaches busy humans workable tactics and strategies for building a wholistic and healthy lifestyle of mind, body, and spirit.

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About Claudine!

Claudine Phillips is a Health and Wellness Motivational Speaker. In the 20 years that she has been researching and teaching whole body health and wellness, she has become obsessed with helping others realize their best self in mind, body, and spirit. 

The Wholistic Greatness Podcast

Each week, on the Wholistic Greatness Podcast, I share health-inspiring interviews, workable tactics, and tried and true strategies with a wholistic intention. THIS IS THE MOMENT to embrace YOUR BEST SELF! This is the the time to walk into your #wholisticgreatness! 

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Claudine spoke with transparency and conviction and shared her gut wrenching story of breakthrough and healing. She encouraged her listeners to find there’s and share too as we all have an unique powerful story.
Bethany Chamberlain
Evergreen MOPS
Claudine is a most phenomenal speaker! She teaches from her heart in an authentic and relatable way with vulnerability and humor. Her deep life-changing message was one all women would be blessed to hear!
Whittney Goins
Evergreen MOPS
Claudine knows and lives out her story. Her ability to be vulnerable and to reach women is a special gift. She can simultaneously make you feel like you are not alone and encourage you in practical ways to dig deep and live out your true story. She is a woman who has suffered, who has bravely looked at her suffering, carefully curated her story, and is living her story out impacting women all over. She is a gift to whomever gets to hear her wise and loving words.
Allison Huett
Denver Uptown MOPS

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